Step 1 of 2: Join research4impact

Create a profile. Provide some biographical information, an overview of the work you’ve done in the past, and an overview of your current goals and interests. You can edit your profile as often as you’d like.

Click here to create a profile.

Step 2 of 2: Use research4impact

Once you have a profile there are two main ways to connect with others:

--Search the full set of profiles to find others that share your interests. Then reach out and introduce yourself.

--Post an announcement to r4i members. Whereas profiles contain an overview of you and your work, announcements contain project-specific and/or time-sensitive collaboration opportunities as they arise. Each week announcements are compiled and then sent via one large email to all r4i users.

For tips about starting new collaborations, see the statement of research principles at the bottom of this page. Also view the presentation slides from r4i's in-person workshops.

One Final Piece: The Board of Matchmakers

We encourage r4i members to contact each other as much as possible. To help grease the wheels we’ve also created a Board of Matchmakers that will actively read r4i profiles and announcements and periodically reach out to members to make introductions and suggest possible matches.

Thus far the Board of Matchmakers includes the following members. As r4i's membership expands we'll expand the board so that it matches members' interests as much as possible.

Board of Matchmakers (as of February 2017)

Adam Seth Levine (President, r4i co-founder, Professor, Cornell University)
Sarah Alexander (Senior Strategist, M+R)
Jake Bowers (r4i co-founder, Professor, University of Illinois)
Amira Choueiki Boland (Deputy Director, Office of Evaluation Sciences)
Don Green (r4i co-founder, Professor, Columbia University)
Hahrie Han (Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara)
More coming soon!